MySQL and Python

I’ve just published a post about using MySQL with Python on  a Raspberry Pi.  It follows on from the previous posts about SQLite, and it’s only a basic introduction into MySQL.  It’s enough to show you how to install MySQL, set up a database, and write Python code to access it.

There are still a lot of SQL related topics to cover: accessing databases over a network, Object Relational Models and much more.  I’ll write more articles on SQL eventually, but I want to write some articles about PWM and GPIO first.


3 responses to “MySQL and Python

  1. Cool post.BTW is there any installer for windows mysql lib? Thanks.

  2. Hey webrpi!

    A friend of mine nominated me for something called the Liebster Award, for blogs. In return, I had to nominate some of MY favorite blogs that I follow. So I nominated YOU. Naturally I chose all web dev, and info tech related blogs that I read, haha! It’s a great way for all of us to connect. Not to mention, I frequent your blog, A LOT. I’m trying to build my own raspberry pi webserver, and your blog has helped out a lot. Hope you’ll participate 🙂


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