Progress with my Python CMS

I’m in the process of setting up a web site dedicated to myPython CMS.  I’ve setup the software (Apache 2.4.6, SQLite and my CMS) , built a theme, and I’ve written several pages describing how the CMS works. Every CMS needs a forum where users can ask questions, so I’ve also installed myBB and set up a forum.

The site isn’t ready to go live yet. I need to write some how-to documents, and a few pages explaining how to set up the CMS and use its admin area. I also need to do a fair amount of work on the CMS before it’s ready for release.

It may be several months bfore I can release a beta version, and two/three months after that until I can release a completed version of the CMS. This is a big problem because it will be months before I make any money from my new site. I’m probably going to need to use a crowd funding campaign to raise money so that I can continue to develop this software.


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