I’ve set up an installation script for my CMS

I’ve written an installation script to make it easier for people to download and install my CMS. The script generates a temporary password, so I’ve also added a page in the admin area to set a new admin username and password. At the moment it’s only possible to store credentials for one user. In future versions I’ll add support for multiple users, and instead of storing the credentials in a text file, I’ll store them in the database.

I’ve been working on setting up a forum so that people can ask questions about the software. I installed MyBB with SQLite, but it doesn’t work very smoothly. I’ve looked for information on the MyBB forum, and it seems that it doesn’t work well with SQLite. Aparently it’s because PHP doesn’t work well with SQLite. So I need to reinstall MyBB with MySQL.

Currently posts need to be written in raw HTML. I’ve experimented with Tiny MCE, a Javascript editor that’s used in other CMSs like WordPress. Using the demo version I had problems with escaping HTML characters, so I need to figure out how to fix that.

After that, I need to Work out some licensing stuff. GPL, MIT or BSD? There are other licenses, but these are the main contenders.

Finally I need to update the settings in my reverse proxy so that I can get my new site on line. Then I can begin beta testing my CMS.


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