So close and yet so far

I’ve bought a new domain name, and I’ve pretty much finished building my new site. I still need to tweak the forum a little, but most of the work is done.

The next step is to adjust the settings on my reverse proxy. Currently it’s acting as a load balancer for my Raspberry Pi cluster.  I need to add another virtual host to the config file, which should be a simple enough procedure according to this site:

Unfortunately when I tried to do this, I found that the hard disk is failing badly. Every time I tried to use any bash command, I got a bunch of low-level errors about the hard disk. It’s amazing that Apache is still running – I guess it’s running from RAM. I suspect that if I try to restart it, my load balancer might not boot up again.

This is very annoying as I’m very close to launching my new site. I would probably have it on line by now, if it weren’t for this problem.



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