My latest site,, has been running smoothly since I set it up. I’m really pleased with its performance. At the moment it’s hosted on a small cluster of Banana Pi servers. I now have 10 more Banana Pis, so I’m planning on building a more sophisticated cluster.

I’ve been working on adding support for MySQL to Pyplate. This will mean I can set up a cluster of database servers, and offload the database from the nodes running the Nginx.

I have got as far as setting up a MySQL database and importing data into it. I’ve modified Pyplate to remotely access the MySQL database instead of the local SQLite database.

Next, I need to set up three more database nodes, and set up database replication. Then when I make changes to one of the databases, the changes will automatically be flushed through to the other database nodes.

I’ve got a lot more testing to do, but eventually I will release an update of Pyplate with added support for MySQL.

Once I’ve installed the MySQL cluster, I’ll look into setting up four more nodes running the Gluster distributed file system.


2 responses to “

  1. Sounds Great. I was just searching for a mysql and pyplate solution. Reals looking forward to the result.

  2. I can send you an advanced copy once I’ve done some more testing. What kind of site are you planning on building?

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