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SQLite temperature logging on a Raspberry Pi

Recently I’ve written tutorials about database programming and CGI programming on a Raspberry Pi. I wanted to write a tutorial that builds on the ideas in earlier posts, so I built a temperature logging system that stores data in an SQLite database, and displays the contents of the database graphically in a web page.

I built a temperature logging system using a Raspberry Pi and a DS18B20 connected to the GPIO pins. I wrote a web script to query the database and display the temperature as a graph. The web UI also displays minimum, maximum and average temperatures. Follow this link to see how I built the Raspberry Pi temperature logger.

Here’s a screenshot of the web UI:

Raspberry Pi web UI

Raspberry Pi web UI for SQLite temperature logging system.

I’ve also written an article about getting a Raspberry Pi web server on-line.  This is a brief guide to making a Raspberry Pi web site visible on line.



My Raspberry Pi is now serving over 1000 pages per day

I’ve been busy writing articles and posting links to my site, Raspberry Web Server.  It’s been paying off because I’m getting about a hundred hits a day from Google, and my Pi is serving over 1000 pages per day.

The latest article is about using the GET and POST methods to communicate with a server.

CGI scripting on the Raspberry Pi

It’s been a busy week.  I’ve made some modifications to my CMS.  It now returns a 404 error when pages aren’t found, and I’ve changed the way meta data is added to pages that represent post categories.  I had to rewrite the main script that handles HTTP requests.

I’ve also added some pages about CGI scripting.  I’m building towards a tutorial on how to build a remote controlled tank.  I’ve had the tank trundling around my sitting room, I just need to do the write up.  You can see a photo here.