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Heading towards beta testing

I’m still tweaking and tuning my CMS in preperation for beta testing. I’ve ironed out most of the bugs, and the CMS works pretty smoothly now.
I’ve added the CKeditor to the editor page. It’s a Javascript rich text editor that can be embedded in pages to create a tool bar in text areas.

CKEditor in Pyplate UI

CKEditor in Pyplate UI

I considered using Tiny MCE – they both seem pretty good. For the moment, I’m happy with CKEditor.

I’ve added character checking on UI input fields for file and directory names. I limited the choice of characters to A-Z, a-z, 0-9 and these symbols: space . _ – This is a bit restrictive. The main objective is to prevent people from using characters that shouldn’t be used in file names. I definitely need to prevent people from using slashes in file names, other wise they could choose a file name like ../../../somepath. This could potentially allow people to overwrite files outside of the CMS.

There’s now a mechanism for uploading themes. Themes consist of a file named theme.css and layouts.py in a directory named after the theme. For the Minimal theme, there’s a folder called /usr/share/pyplate/themes/Minimal. Themes are uploaded as a zip file, and then unpacked into the themes directory. The zip file is copied to Pyplate’s backup directory in case you want to reinstall the theme.

I still need to write some more articles about how Pyplate works, and I need to write a few how-to articles. The next steps are to update the settings on my reverse proxy so that my site is accessible from the internet. Then I can start beta testing…