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Nginx v Apache

I finally got around to doing some testing with Nginx.  I’ve written a description of how I set up Nginx on a Raspberry Pi.

I did a comparison of Nginx and Apache to see which would provide the best performance for my site.  Nginx was fastest for static content and dynamic content.

I want to deploy Nginx on my cluster, but first I have to figure out some issues with cache headers.  Hopefully I’ll get that worked out in the next few days.  I’ve posted a question about it on stackoverflow: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/19995097/setting-the-expires-header-stops-nginx-passing-requests-to-uwsgi

The makers of the Pi Face interface board have built themselves a new site.  They’ve linked to my site on this page – look for the picture of the robot buggy:  http://www.piface.org.uk/products/piface_digital/