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I’ve published a new web site

I’ve published a new site on my Banana Pi cluster. It’s called Linuxwebservers.net. I’ve started by writing some posts about Apache and its configuration files. I’ll write some basic articles about Nginx next, and then I’ll write some articles about setting up different web development programming languages.

I’m still thinking about using Gluster in the Banana Pi cluster. I’ve read that offloading file access to network storage can improve the performance of web server nodes, especially when the storage nodes have fast storage like SATA 3 hard disks, and the server nodes have slower storage in the form of class 10 SD cards.  I have a feeling that performance won’t be as good as it is with content stored locally on each server, but there’s only one way to find out for sure – I need to set it up and try it.

There is a new blog on pyplate.com at blog.pyplate.com. It’s a journal of Pyplate related work that I’ve been doing recently, and it is also hosted on the Banana Pi cluster. I still need to do some work on the blog. The publishing date needs to be displayed underneath the title of each post. I also need to reverse the order that posts are displayed in, so that newer posts will be at the top of the page.