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My site got a spike in traffic from Facebook and Google+

In the week before last I added four more Pi servers to my cluster.  My site had served 45,000 pages in the last 30 days, so I decided to add some more horsepower.   Here’s a picture of my new cluster with new racks:

A Raspberry Pi server cluster with eight nodes

Eight node Raspberry Pi server cluster

You can see some note on how I extended the cluster here: http://raspberrywebserver.com/raspberrypicluster/adding-more-nodes-to-the-cluster.html

Since then the Raspberry Pi Foundation posted a link to my site on their Facebook page and their Google+ page.   This caused a huge spike in traffic.  I got over 1,000 hits in the first hour:

My site served over a 1,000 page views in one hour

Over 1,000 hits in one hour

I got almost 8,000 hits that day:

My site served over almost 8,000 hits on one day

8,000 page views in one day

That was about a week ago, and my cluster has now served over 64,000 page views in the last 30 days.  My site’s Alexa rank has gone down to 241,405.



Alexa Rank

My site’s Alexa rank has been improving steadily since I set up my set. It was about 8,000,000 the first time I checked it, now it’s hovering around 275,000. (Lower numbers are better in the Alexa ranking system.) Here’s a screenshot showing my site’s global Alexa rank, and my rank in the UK:

Raspberry Web Server's Alexa Rank

Raspberry Web Server’s Alexa Rank

My site has also been rising in Google’s search engine rankings. This screenshot from Google Webmaster Tools shows the average position of my site for various different search terms.

Google search engine ranking for Raspberry Web Server

Google search engine ranking for Raspberry Web Server

My site is at or near being number 2 in the rankings for a few search terms.  I’ve done quite a lot of link building, and I’ve entered my site into a lot of different directories. It seems to be paying off.

The overall Google Page Rank of my site is still zero. Google updates Page Rank every few months, so it can take a while to increase.