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Linux Web Server’s place in the search rankings

I’ve been keeping an eye on the search engine rankings for my latest site, Linux Web Servers. The site has only been up for a month, but it’s quite low in the search rankings at the moment. Other sites started off higher up the search rankings.

The subject matter of this site is much broader than previous sites. My Raspberry Pi site and Banana Pi sites cover quite narrow niches compared to Linux Web Servers.

There are many professional web sites covering web servers on Linux, and a lot of people have hobby sites about this topic. To compound the problem, I’ve started off by writing about setting up a LAMP server and installing WordPress on Apache. There are many, many tutorials covering these things on other web sites.

Once I start writing about slightly more obscure things, I should start to do better in rankings. The articles about Apache’s mod_proxy are already doing better in the rankings than the articles about WordPress.

The good news is that I should get a lot of traffic once this site starts to take off. If I can work my way up the search rankings, Linux Web Servers should appeal to a huge audience.