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CGI scripting on the Raspberry Pi

It’s been a busy week.  I’ve made some modifications to my CMS.  It now returns a 404 error when pages aren’t found, and I’ve changed the way meta data is added to pages that represent post categories.  I had to rewrite the main script that handles HTTP requests.

I’ve also added some pages about CGI scripting.  I’m building towards a tutorial on how to build a remote controlled tank.  I’ve had the tank trundling around my sitting room, I just need to do the write up.  You can see a photo here.


A journal of my coding efforts

This weblog is mostly a journal of code that I’ve been writing either in the course of developing a CMS, or to use in tutorials for my website, a Raspberry Pi web server.

My site is about Raspberry Pi computers, and it runs on one.  It turns out that these things are surprisingly powerful and can serve more traffic than I had expected.  Most of the posts are tutorials with information about programming the Pi’s GPIO and developing web interfaces.

The first programming language that I used in any serious way is C.  It has its detractors but I think it’s a great language.  I carried on using C for the next 15 years, along with a bit of Java, C++ and sometimes some assembler.

More recently I’ve been working with Python.  I’ve found Python much easier to work with than C, and the libraries supplied with it make it extremely versatile.   I wish I’d started using Python years ago.

I’ve been working with my Raspberry Pi a lot recently.  It’s GPIO pins present call kinds of possibilities, it’s powerful enough to be used as a media centre, and it’s just about powerful enough to run a desktop.  I’m interested in building web interfaces and apps, and the Raspberry Pi is a great platform for doing this.