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Running several sites on a Banana Pi server

I’ve been doing some work on Pyplate CMS.  I’ve upgraded it so that I can run several sites on a single server, and I’ve also added support for MySQL to Pyplate.  I’m calling the new version Pyplate Multi-Site.

Now I can create a very simple mass blogging system on my Banana Pi cluster by installing Pyplate Multi-Site on each server in the cluster and make sure that they are synchronized.  This is an improvement on the Raspberry Pi cluster which can only serve one site.

I haven’t released the updated code yet.  I need to do more testing and update the Pyplate installation scripts.

So far I have only tested Pyplate Multi-site with Nginx.  If I want to use it with Apache, I will need to use mod vhosts in order to set a different web root folder for each site.  I haven’t tested it yet, but I will over the next few weeks.

In the short term I need to keep working on the Banana Pi cluster and get the upgraded version of it online so that I can start building some new sites.