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The latest version of my CMS is now live

I’ve reached an important milestone with my CMS. I’ve finished integrating SQLite, and developed the backend to a point where it’s pretty usable. It’s stable, and with caching enabled, performance is exactly the same as before. In fact, even without page caching, it’s still quite fast.

This morning I backed up the site and synced it with the cluster, so the new version of my CMS is now live on Raspberry Web Server. I’ve updated the theme, but apart from that there’s no visible sign that the site is different. Press shift F5 is you’re still seeing the old theme.


I’ve integrated a database into my CMS

I haven’t added any articles to my Raspberry Pi site recently as I’ve been working on my CMS. I’ve added support for an SQLite database, which meant I had to rewrite most of the code. I’ve also been doing a lot of work on the back end. I’ve created pages to manage posts and categories, edit site settings, and manage the cache. New themes can now be uploaded and installed on the server. I’ve developed 5 themes so far.

The CMS still needs a lot of work, but it’s quite usable – I’ve already started using it to build a new site. I still need to develop some UI code for user management, and I need to develop a method for integrating plugins. I’m getting close to being able to release a beta version.

My Raspberry Pi site’s Alexa rank has dipped below 200,000 for the first time (the lower the number, the better the ranking).  The site’s Google page rank has been updated to 3.  I think that’s not bad for a site that’s been up for less than a year.

In other news, raspberrypiforums.com has changed it’s name to thefruitycomputer.com.  The redesigned it and it looks really groovy.

SQLite temperature logging on a Raspberry Pi

Recently I’ve written tutorials about database programming and CGI programming on a Raspberry Pi. I wanted to write a tutorial that builds on the ideas in earlier posts, so I built a temperature logging system that stores data in an SQLite database, and displays the contents of the database graphically in a web page.

I built a temperature logging system using a Raspberry Pi and a DS18B20 connected to the GPIO pins. I wrote a web script to query the database and display the temperature as a graph. The web UI also displays minimum, maximum and average temperatures. Follow this link to see how I built the Raspberry Pi temperature logger.

Here’s a screenshot of the web UI:

Raspberry Pi web UI

Raspberry Pi web UI for SQLite temperature logging system.

I’ve also written an article about getting a Raspberry Pi web server on-line.  This is a brief guide to making a Raspberry Pi web site visible on line.


I’ve just added comments to my site

I’ve just added Disqus comments to my site.  Click on the permalink at the bottom of each post to get to the view with the comments at the bottom.

I recently wrote a couple of articles about SQLite on Raspberry Pi at http://raspberrywebserver.com/sql-databases/.

At some point I’ll soon I’m going to write some articles on basic HTML and CSS, so stay tuned.